Hari Membuang

Pretty sure that my closet is fully packed with clothes---->dresses , plaid shirt , tahoma , scarfs , gingham shirt , jackets , hoodies , sweater , floral babydoll , flowy , plain tee , long sleeves tee , cardigans , jeggings , body suit , skinnies , jeans , baju kurungs , baju kebayas, sweat pants , boxer , striped tee ,underwear ,etc. Serious saya kena buang ini semua sebab almari saya dah nak roboh , zzz. My closet needs to breathe. The moment I realize that I need to re-shuffle my closet is when I saw a cockroach crawling out from it. Meow betul. SCREW THAAAAAAAT.Sarang penternakan lipas rupanya. Lagipun baju-baju tu semua dah sempit as Im growing taller wooooot and fatter zzzz. Mama needs new outfits like mama needs shugaah. HAHA. Selepas memenuhi dua plastic bags yang hitam ituh , saya terfikir. Apesal nak buang? Jual lagi bagus. Making moneeeeey. Tapi dekat mana? Heh ditch that idea. Tak pun bagi orang? Ahah ! Still in my plan. Atlast , may the clothes dust in peace in the store. I hope I can occupy my closet again like before WITHOUT COCKROACHES IN IT!

Dear baju-baju,

THANK YOU for tutuping my aurat all this while and make me look gorgeous *perasan , sigh. But I really really really really need to get rid of you guys because you guys dont fit me anymore. Im sorry.

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